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POSTED BY Atul Rajendra Nadkarni ON May 3, 2012 11:34 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear All,

I worked in One Organization for 5 Years & in the same per month my PF contribution is deducted from my salary.

But for that five years I will not get a single annual statement of PF Contribution till date.

I making constantly followup with the company & PF department for the same, but not geting satifactory answers from both.

As I left the organization, I filed RTI for the same in PF department, they says lot of documents pending from company side for clearing the company PF Account, when I confirm the same with company they says all documents are submitted to them as per thier requirements.

Now the said matter is in legal process.

Now, I want to know if employees not getting benifits of PF for more than 10 years, can company still maintain below rights from their side?

1 Still Deducting PF from employees

2 PF deduction shown in Form 16

3 PF Contributions shows under different heads in Annual Balance Sheet of Profit & Loss, under following heads:
* Employee Benefits
*Managerial Remuneration
*Annexure Refered to the auditors report of even date
*Schedule: Salaries, wages & other benefits

Please share any information if you have in this matter.

Also I want to know, can consumer court can help me in this mater against Provident Fund Department?


Atul Nadkarni

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  1. Dear Atul, instead of focussing that balance sheet & P&L things….., please focus on the thing that your PF is deposited or not. From your query I’m unable to understand this info. Do you or other employees had been allotted PF a/c no. or not, if yes, please quote the same to the RPFE where your PF accounts were/are maintained.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Atul,
    I think that the bigger problem would be if the company is not paying the pf dues to the PF authorities, despite of deducting from your salaries. This is probably not the case. Hence, you may want to file another RTI with the EPF with your exact PF details (as per your salary slip) and ask them to confirm the credit into your account. It may be a big task for you to collate this detail for past 5 years, hence you may want to send them a list which is easy for you to collate.
    The end product may rule out any chances of your company embezzling with employee money – in which you and all the employees should get geared to file a suit against the entity.


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