property tax

POSTED BY umakant.kanitkar ON March 10, 2013 1:08 pm COMMENTS (3)

I would like to sale My flate @ Rs.12,00,000 which was purchased in year 1998 @ Rs.1,57,000/= so, how much tax will imposed on this transection.? What are the best way to invest to wave of tax.?

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  1. Dear Umakant, please calculate your indexed purchase price if sell happens in current month i.e. march 2013. If your actual sell happens in april 2013, the indexed purchase price ‘ll change. So I w’d wait for your actual sell date.



  2. umakant.kanitkar says:

    Dear ashal,it was in 22-04-1998, and the sale will likely to happen in this month.

  3. Dear Umakant, what was the actual date of purchase & what ‘ll be the possible sell date if buyer is already ready?



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