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POSTED BY Anurag ON January 21, 2013 6:54 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Sir,

We are facing a very unique situation and need opinion from experts like you.

I inherit an ancestral property which is divided lawfully among three brothers. my Father is one of the three. My grandfather made an interesting division where majorty of our share has gone in to common place like varanda and stairs. 

This is a 4 stroy building having shops, offices and many tenants. Considering, we have got stairs in our portion, can we make changes in structure with out any notice to any one? Can we disrupt the entry to the building? this will create lot of chaos but we need to find some solution to the division made by our grand father.

We need to know the situation in law regarding common places and its owner’s right.




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  1. Dear Anurag, if your share falls into common usable space, you can not change it’s orientation with out the permission of the other stake holders (read legal heirs). It’s more a civil issue rather than a personal finance issue. Please take advice from an advocate in this matter & act accordingly.



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