Property division after death of father, grandfather – too much confusion !

POSTED BY 23guv ON February 9, 2014 10:21 am ONE COMMENT

My grandfather built a house (House A) in 1970’s in Mohali, Punjab. He had 4 sons and a daughter. The daughter got married in 1982. Unfortunately, my grandfather expired few years later. My father and mother also built another house in Zirakpur, Punjab (House B) in which both were joint owners (50% each). We were planning to divide the paternal property of my grandfather , but unfortunately my father expired before this.

Few years later my grandmother also expired (In all cases no will was prepared). Now, since families have grown big, we are planning to divide the share. Please suggest my eligibility of my share from House A and House B. We are 2 brothers and 1 sister (all 3 married) along with our mother. I am a Hindu and reside in Punjab.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear 23guv, First in your Grandfather’s house, there ‘ll be 5 shares for his children. So your father’s share ‘ll be 20% from house A. This 20% of house A ‘ll be divided equally between 4 of you (3 children and the widow mother). So your personal share is 5% from the house A.

    For house B, your mother is owner for basic 50% of her share. For father’s remaining 50% share, it ‘ll be divided between 4 of you and hence your personal share from house B ‘ll be 12.5%.



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