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As it is a well-known fact that main reason of claim-rejection is suppression of fact(s). So, what proof do we (policyholder) have that we had disclosed it?

Last year when I took ICICIPru online insurance, I had disclosed each and every minute detail about me and my family (e.g., I had jaundice 25 yrs back etc). I had provided additional details in the field specified on website. What I received from them was just policy document. It had major details but not all details. So obviously, there was no proof of disclosure with me.

Also, with LIC – Premium cost is highest, but what they sent me was just a two-page policy document with all their terms and conditions. So again, I don’t have any proof.

Exception was SBI – when they sent me full xerox copy of all form pages along with policy documents.

So my question is, how can we get that proof of disclosure? Particularly, with online policy – where we can’t get xerox copy of proposal form.

Also, what is proof that insurance company had done medical tests and reports were normal? I mean, what if they say that there was no medical test and buyer had suppressed a medical condition by not disclosing it. While in actual medical test was arranged and reports were normal.

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  1. Dear Ajay sharma, as of now no reason to worry. In mu opinion, as the sum assured was 50L which is eligible for non medico test, that’s why your medical test was not done as per co. policy. After 2-3 years, the co, can not increase your prem. It ‘ll remain same. For the question of claim, as & when it happens, the co. ‘ll investigate it & if any suppression of facts or concealment is found, say you are having diabetes as on date but not aware of the same & in future after 2-3 years, your death occurs due to diabetes, there may be a dispute for the same. onus of not having info of the same ‘ll be on your family to prove.



  2. Ajay Sharma says:

    Hi Ashal,

    I too purchased Aviva Term plan and i got my policy documents within 5 days without any medical test. MY SA is 50L and term is 35 year.
    so my question is that as per knowledge i have given all the medical information correct but it might be possible that i am not aware of any disease so based on that can they reject my claim ? or something happens after 2 year will they increase my premium?

    should i ask them to arrange medical test for me?

  3. Dear Rakesh, I’m glad that my posts are helpful to you. Please keep asking more & more in the forum.



  4. rakesh says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience, it really helps.
    Keep up the good work. When in forums, i always make sure to read your replies.


  5. Dear Prasoon, I can’t comment for each insurer, but recently I purchased I-life from Aviva & with my policy bond I received the copy of all the details filled by me in the online form.

    Based upon my job profile, a detailed medical was done (actually twice) & report of the same is also there with me. There was a prem. loading as I’m a Chem. Engr, & working in a chem. factory, so the underwriters of Aviva, loaded up my prem. I accept the same & although I’m paying higher prem. than the original one, but I’m comfortable for the fact that now the insurer (Aviva in this case), knows all the things & associated risk to my life & have accepted that risk. So in future, the insurer can not deny the claim based upon my job profile or health condition for suppression of fact.



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