product review of lic jeevan saral needed

POSTED BY Rajshree S ON March 23, 2012 6:54 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hello Manish,

I came across jagoinvestor just 3 days back and i found it to be just amazing as to how you help out people in making more informed personal finance decissions.

kudos to you…n more importantly thanks a lot for providing everyone with such a platform..

I had read your article How lic policy works…and all the comments too…wherein i sensed that according to you lic jeevan saral policy is litle better than other lic policies….please enlighten me on the same… i have a jeevan saral policy in the name of my husband taken in july 2010….i pay Rs.15000 per quarter i.e.Rs. 60000 p.a……i have paid 90000 as of now….please suggest should i continue with this policy or not….

i am discussing this on forum as you had requested a lot of people to start a new thread on this product-jeevan saral

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  1. Sachin says:

    Policy is in the name of Husband and you are asking question. Kudos to you as you are taking interest in your finance life. You are paying Rs. 60000 p.a and i will tell you that’s huge.

    You have three suggestions from my side :-

    Damn this LIC. They can’t even come on one single policy that is really good for aam aadmi ? And they call them self as govt company who are supposed to work towards betterment of common man.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Common man in their case is the Agent.

  2. Dear Rajshree S, please check one more link –




  3. Dear Rajshree S, are you sure in your understanding that LIC’s Jeevan saral has been recommended or told as slightly better by dear Manish. Please check the below link already discussed in the forum.




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