Procedure for getting IT Refund for Old IT Returns in paper form

POSTED BY J Venkata Mahesh ON January 10, 2012 11:47 am COMMENTS (5)

Myself filed IT returns in paper form and need to get IT refund for FY2006-07.
Can any one let me know.. procedure to be followed to get IT refund ? Pls advice.

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  1. Dear J Venkata Mahesh, No, you can’t file online complaint. Please write the application in your own language which you are comfortable at, to elaborate your case. No set format is there.



  2. Dear J Venkata Mahesh, Please write an application to the Commissioner of Income Tax of your area, where you have filed that Income Tax Return for FY 2006-2007 (relevant AY 2007-2008). Attach a copy of the ITR 1st page showing the seal or stamp of income tax deptt.

    Submit these docs at single window complaint centre at the office where you originally filed the ITR.

    Income Tax people’ll contact within next 7 days from there side. It’s mandatory to answer all these cases by the deptt. Your Assessing officer ‘ll contact you or you ‘ll given a date to represent your case & after your representation within 15 days, the due refund ‘ll come to you.

    Please do note, contact personally & do not listen to any middle man or agent. No Bribe in this case. Some of my friends have already used it & this is a tested system, at least in my location. Refund order are coming promptly for such complaints.



    1. J Venkata Mahesh says:

      Thx for your reply.

      Shall I can do this through online ? If not.. Is there any format in writing application to CIT ?

  3. Dominic Prakash says:

    I am not aware of any procedure for getting IT refund. All you have to do is wait for the Cheque to arrive at your door. There is NO time line for IT refunds.

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