PPF transfer IDBI to SBI

POSTED BY Dipesh ON August 23, 2012 6:04 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi There,

Will there be any charges incurred if I transfer PPF from IDBI bank to SBI. Also will there be any impact on interest paid if i transfer account mid year.



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  1. Dear Dipesh, please continue with IDBI.



  2. Dipesh says:

    Thanks Asal, Has been a year but still havn’t transferred my account from IDBI to SBI but yes now IDBI also offers online facility in IDBI so opening a 0 balance saving account in IDBI to handle PPF account. I was keen to transfer to SBI but had talk with branch manager at SBI and he advised against it as if some issue comes then he said I would be in problem and running between both public banks.

  3. Dear Dipesh, There is no charge to transfer your PPF account from IDBI to SBI. Before going for transfer, please update your passbook with IDBI & then apply there itself.



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