PPF pro rated or not?

POSTED BY Kirubakaran ON February 22, 2013 4:54 pm COMMENTS (5)


 I have recently opened ppf account in sbi. (opened in Feb).

 I know it will be 15 years acc. and we can deposit 12 times max.

 But is it pro- rated , like my first year ends next month?

 Or else, how many times I can deposit for the current financial year which ends next month end(march 31)?

 Could someone please clarify?

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  1. Dear Kirubakaran, actually you have done a good things by opening account in Feb 2013 itself. Had you waited for 2 more months to open in April 2013, your account ‘ll be available for withdraw only on 1st April 2029, due to complete full FY 2028-2029 to complete 15 FY of holdings.



  2. PPF account can be closed after completion of 15 full financial years
    So in your case it will be April 1st 2028.

    1st year will be March 31st 2014.

    Whether choice is wrong or not depends on when you need the money. As long as it is not 2027 you are good.

  3. Kirubakaran says:

    Thanks FFC and Ashal for your quick reply.

    I have only one more query. I opened PPF account in Feb 2013. So when it will the account’s lifetime expire? 2028 or 2029. In other words, will they calculate 1st year of the 15th year period for me now itself once next month gets completed

    So, have I done the wrong choice to open the account on Feb?

    Expecting your valuable reply.

  4. Dear Kirubakaran, you can invest in 12 installemtns for current FY also but interest earning ‘ll be limited to the money deposited between 1st to 5th March, only.



  5. You can make up to 12 deposits in each financial year. So bet now and mar 31st you can deposit 11 times assuming you made 1 deposit when you opened the acc.

    However deposits made after 5th will not be included for interest calculation in that month.
    So best to make monthly deposits bet 1-5th.

    The acc will close after the end of 15 financial years from date of opening

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