PPF duration – Is it exactly 15 years ?

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Can any one clarify me about PPF duration? I’m aware that it is 15 years but I want to know the maturity duration is exactly 180 months or it’s calculated on yearly basis.

For example, if I open the PPF account in Nov-2014 will it mature exactly at Nov-29 or Mar-30?

Please reply if someone has the clear information.

Thanks in Advance,

Karthikeyan R

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  1. Ajay says:

    Should be 31 Mar 2030. Its completion 15 years from the end of the FY that you opened the account. Your account was opened in Nov 2014 and end of the FY is Mar 2015. 15 years will get completed on 31 Mar 2030.,

  2. rockingguy says:

    The duration for the investment is 15 years. However, the effective period works out to 16 years i.e., the year of opening the account and adding 15 years to it

    Therefore, new PPF account opened in November 2014, will mature in November 2030

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