PPF a/c in ICICI – How reliable ?

POSTED BY Sushil ON August 30, 2013 4:01 pm COMMENTS (4)


I am planning to open an PPF account in ICICI bank. I did some analysis  also refered some old blogs in Jagoinvester but still have couple of concerns.

1. Is this reliable to go with a private sector bank?

2. I am feeling a bit reluctant incase they come with some hidden charges/service taxes during my maturity after 15 years.

Please advice.

Thank You.

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  1. Sushil says:

    Thank you all for your feedback. Appreciate it.

  2. Dear Sushil, please do note the difference between PPF as a product & FDs, Life Insurance policies, general Insurance policies, Gold coins, Bonds, Loans & other financial products sold by ICICI bank.

    PPF is governed by it’s own rules & ICICI bank is merely a facilitator to you. It can not charge anything extra on it.



  3. Mohit Pandey says:

    Sushil, go ahead and open the PPF account in ICICI bank. Read the below blog for more information about PPF.


  4. Vivek says:

    it is as reliable as public sector banks and post office,

    you also have the benefit of accessing your PPF account online. Through ICICI Bank Internet banking

    you can open it online but limited branch which is sanctioned by government

    no any charges/service taxes

    visit below

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