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I am 28…unmarried…My monthly take home is 60K, out of which 25 K goes towards home loan….considering my expenses, I will be having 20K as savings on hand…

I am planning to invest 10k monthly towards SIP for long term plans (5+ years), with allocation of 50% towards Equity funds, 30% towards Balanced funds & 20% towards Debt funds…

I currently hold 10 Lakhs in endowment policies & 3 Lakhs in ULIP…

Am planning to have my portfolio as follows (I have chosen these products after going through our forums and other websites):

Equity funds (50%):

DSP BR Equity Fund Growth – 20%

Franklin India Blue Chip Growth – 15%

HDFC Top 200 Growth Fund – 15%

Balanced Funds (30%):

Canara Robeco Balanced Fund – 15%

HDFC Prudence Fund Growth – 15%

Debt Funds (20%):

Tata Young Citizens – 20%

Please suggest if my investments are diversified properly…also I would like to know more about some better peforming Debt funds…

Any suggestions/criticism are welcome…




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  1. Raja Mohamed says:

    Thanks for the suggestion…

    I will go through the products in your link and do a study on them….thanks once again…

  2. moneysights.com says:

    Hi Raja,

    Your choice of funds is good. But it seems you are looking at 3 classes of funds separately. Why not look at your portfolio from Asset Allocation perspective within Equity & Debt only. Deciding the overall Equity & Debt component of the portfolio & then construct the portfolio. That way you will not be constrained with allocating money to 3 separate fund classes. Ideally if you have a five year horizon & you have an aggressive stance to investing, you may be better off with the options below –

    Option 1 – 80% Equity, 20% Debt – goo.gl/mwWsv – the link has a screen-shot of our recommended portfolio.

    Option 2 – 70% Equity, 20% Debt – goo.gl/C6dcm – the link has the screen shot of a slightly less aggressive portfolio than option 1.

    Both the portfolios are well optimized for sector/stock & market cap diversification.

    Hope this helps.


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