Is this Portfolio for 30 year old O.K???

POSTED BY Sunny singh ON January 31, 2013 11:56 pm COMMENTS (7)


   I am a 30 year old professional.I want to invest in mutual funds  with Rs5000 distributed in funds given below .So i have researched and narrowed down to four mutual fund.

1.Quantum Long Term Equity(Large-Mid)

2.Reliance Regular saving or DSPR equity(Multi Cap)

3.HDFC Mid Cap oppertunity (Mid-Small)

4.ICICI Prudential Top 100 (Large CAp)

So is this portfolio fine for me and what percentage allocation should I give.I am looking for a long term investment (10 years or more).My  goal is to generate wealth  after 10-15 years.

I have not included Debt fund as I am already investing in Tempelton India Pension scheme


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  1. Dear Sunny, both are well performing funds.

    Disclosure – I’m investing my own money into QLTEF. so my recommendation may be a biased one. Hence not offering a choice between the 2 funds.



  2. Sunny singh says:

    How is UTI opportunity fund.I want to choose between UTI opportunity and Quantum long term equity.

  3. Dear Sunny, for you my 2 funds (from your own list) ‘ll be I Pru Top 100 & Quantum Long Term Eq.



  4. Dear Pushkar, please check the underlying portfolio of the funds selected by him & then answer me, is he really diversified with 5 funds or merely replicating his own portfolio by adding more & more funds. There is more to it. In case of just 2 or 3 funds, if there is any down performance, we can easily track the culprit & make corrective action.



  5. Dear Sunny, please prune down your list from 4 funds to just 2 funds. that’s it. Which one to drop, you know it better than me. 🙂



    1. Pushkar Sapre says:

      But Ashal ,

      All the funds selected by him are in different category, still he needs to drop down the number of funds ??

      Why so?

    2. Sunny singh says:

      Thanks .But can you advice which two funds to invest.May be large cap and mid small cap

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