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1.) For what purpose I want to start MF : my own Flat 2BHK/3BHK in mumbai
2.) What is the time horizon of my mutual fund investment:10-15 yrs for long term and 1-3 years for short term.
My age is 28 yrs and going to marry soon
I want to invest -10,000/month in mutual Fund
could you please tell me what should my portfolio allocation: equiry(largecap,large and mid cap,mid and small cap ,multi cap) ,debt(mip,FMP,PPF),gold
Can you check my portfolio is better???
Mutaul Fund Equity
HDFC tax saver D(1000/month)
Canara Robecco tax saver D(1000/month)
ICICI prudential tax saver D(1000/month)
Non ELSS Fund:
ICICI Focused Bluechip G(2000/month) LargeCap
HDFC Top 200 G(1500/month) Largecap & Midcap
HDFC Equity G (1500/month) Multicap
IDFC Premeiour Equity G (1000 /month) Midcap & Smallcap
PPF-just opened account in this month and invested 12000 lumsump for this financial year for tax rebate.
i can think here about FMP/MIP/Fixed Deposit.which one is better and how much need to invest lumsump/SIP???????
1unit gold ETF reliance /month
Term Insurance
Aegon Religare Level Term life insurance (22 lakh)
Aegon Religare Pretect Gain Plan
@Manish pls guide me by providing the feedback on above the selection is good or need any changes

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  1. Dear Brijesh, out of the 3 ELSS you want to invest in, please opt only one & invest the full ELSS amount in that. For other funds, it’s OK.

    If your yly income is 5-6L Rs. purchae a bigger term plan of say 60L or 75L Rs. & stop this small term cover. Within next 2-3 years the size of family ‘ll increase & your financial liabilities for your family ‘ll increase manifold.

    PPF is ok but make it a habit to invest (in lump sum) between 2nd to 5th of april every year to get full year’s interest.

    FMP, MIP & FD – each instrument caters different space & needs so identify your ones & then only decide.



  2. Syed Sagheer says:

    I think you have too many MF folios, you need to trim it down to avoid over diversification. Gold is fine and Term Insurance is fine. ULIP is a waste if you ask me. PPF is an excellent debt instrument. Go for longer tenure FD with a portion of your funds else a medium term FMP. You get tax advantage with FMP but with interest rates peaking out, you dont know what rate you may get if its for too long a duration. Since you got a sizeable period of time, go more for equity

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