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POSTED BY Saurav ON June 26, 2012 4:23 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear Sir,

I am a newbie in Mutual fund investment. Recently I have started thinking about making monthly contribution to certain mutual funds.
Please let me know whether the following selection is fine or you suggest any changes.

I am ready to take risk in investment and my time frame is 2-3 years.

1) DSP BR Micro Cap Fund – Growth.
2) ICICI Pru Focussed BlueChip Equity – Growth
3) HDFC Balanced – Growth
4) Not sure on this but may be a gold etf.

I am planning to invest 5000 monthly on each of these.(Total 20,000 monthly)

Do you suggest any change in fund and the amount to be distributed between them.


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  1. Dear Kumar Saurav, why do you want to invest in MFs? Any goal, dream you want to fulfill or is it – everybody is investing so I should also invest?

    Please asnwer.



    1. Kumar Saurav says:

      Probably the most accurate answer would be that I have become a little more serious towards managing my money.
      I have gone through a number of financial sites and publications and have realized that there is no point in keeping money in bank and let it stay there with very little appreciation.

      Also, with time I would be thinking about buying a home(No fixed time frame still) and hence looking at probable ways to grow my money.

      Above all its a habit that should start, the sooner the better. (Not only for MF but investment in general)


      1. Dear Saurav, after reading your reply, My take ‘ll be to go for only 2 funds –

        HDFC Balanced
        Quantum Long Term Eq.

        Please make sure you are not touching your money in next 5Y at least to gain any significant thing.



  2. Ramesh says:

    2-3 years is a short time for equities.

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