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POSTED BY Jig ON November 30, 2011 8:59 pm COMMENTS (14)

Since last one year i am investing in MF through SIP and would like to start some more SIP. Can you guys please review my PF?

HDFC TOP 200- 5500 ( SIP SINCE 1 YR )
FT INDIA Dynamic PE Ratio- 4500 ( SIP since last 8 month)
HDFC Midcap Oppor- 2000 SIP
HDFC MIP- 22000 lumsum (one year ago)

Now I am planning to invest in following funds in SIP


You are requested to please review my funds.


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  1. Dear Jig, each Doctor may provide different medicine for a simple fever. At the end of the day, Fever should go. So no matter you are investing in an Eq. hybrid fund or plain Eq. fund or plain debt fund, at the end of the day (read at the time of retirement), you should have at least the desired amount if not more from your investments in your hand.

    Your retirement is some 20+ years away as of now & during all these 20 years a lot of water is to be flown below the bridge. So no need to be a judgemental one for your investment so early.



  2. Jig says:

    Nope Dear Ramesh,
    I have been suggested for equity hybrid oriented fund which alone can work as wealth builder and protect during downfall.
    Is this a good option for retirement planning?

  3. Ramesh says:

    didnt you opt for dynamic PE ratio fund for accumulating money for downpayment of house, if i remember correctly?

  4. Dear Jig, my personal e-mail id is in my profile. To honor the rules of Forum, I never quote my mail id directly in my replies. You may check my profile or ask dear Manish to provide my e-mail id.

    Regarding the investment meant for Retirement, I’m more comfortable if the money is in Franklin Blue chip fund directly. Also for the fact that you are an aggressive investor by your own admission, it makes sens to go all out Eq. at least till your age 45 or 50.



  5. Jig says:

    Hello Ashal,
    Earlier you have suggested me to go with FRANKLIN INDIA BLUECHIP FUND instead of TATA RETIREMENT SAVING FUND.
    I have FT India PE Ration FoF in my Portfolio which ultimately investing in FIBCF according to fluctuation of PE ratio.
    Still should i go with FIBCF for retirement planning or should choose any other one?
    Should i stop FTI PE Ratio FoF and put all in FIBCF and do SIP in that?

    Currently my holdings are:


    HDFC TOP 200- 5000 PM
    BSL 95- 2000 PM
    IDFC Premier Equity- 3000 PM
    FTI PE Ration FoF- 4500 PM

    FD- 2.5 LAC
    MIP-25000 LUMSUM

    Can you please share your personal email id please?

    Thanks & Regards


  6. Dear Jig, Please check portfolio of any pure Eq. MF. To settle redemption calls as well as based upon the fund manager’s call on the market, it ‘ll remain 5-20% in cash i.e. T-bills, money market instruments,….. This is the others part of your portfolio.

    81% Eq. seems OK to me if you are an aggressive investor.



  7. Jig says:

    Thanks for all the details.
    When i am analysing break up of portfolio i found
    Equity 81%
    Debt 12%
    Others 7%

    What does the ‘others’ means? It is showing Net Receivables & reverse Repo. What does it mean actually?

    If my plan for investment is more than 10 Yrs , Should i continue with this strategy or i should put 100% in equity? My risk profile is aggresive investor.


  8. Dear Jig, as you are investing directly to AMC, no charge is applicable to you. Regarding http://www.fundsindia.com they are also not charging anything extra from us – the investors.

    Investing directly with AMC – you have to deal with 3-5 AMCs – each ‘ll have own login id & password. In future if you are going to invest with a new AMC, another login id & password.

    In case of http://www.fundsindia.com all transactions with all the AMCs you are investing in ‘ll be under a single login id & password.

    To go for http://www.fundsindia.com or not ‘ll be a personal call.



  9. Jig says:

    Thanks to all of you.
    I am investing in HDFC directly. and some current news saying every transaction will be charged. Is this true? even if we are investing directly to AMC?
    If so , what is the case with FUndsIndia? How it is differ /similar compare to AMC?
    Finally, Is it advisable to move from AMC to Fundsindia?

    I feel very happy when i can discuss the financial planning with others just for improve their awareness. Just because of Jagoinvestor , i feel myself upper side . thanks to all for sharing knowldege here.


  10. Jig – The essential point being made by Ashal and Abhishek is that if you have existing SIPs and you have more money to invest do not look around for more schemes.

    If the schemes you hold are already good and performing well (beating their own reference index) just pump more money into those schemes.

  11. Dear Jig, please recheck your term plan based upon your current yly income, financial liabilities & future financial liabilities for your family. For fund selection you may go with either mine or dear Abhishek’s advice.



  12. Abhishek says:

    Hi Jig,

    You can invest this additional amount in Templeton Dynamic PE Ratio Fund OR start a monthly STP from HDFC Cash Management Treasury to HDFC Top 200 Fund.


  13. Jig says:

    Dear Ashal,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I will look into your recommendations.

    I have 1 lac in hand and want to invest in Market/MF( other than my SIP installlments). How i can plan for that money. I am already insured with 30 Lac term plan.


  14. Dear Jig, You are already investing in HDFC Midcap opp. then why you opted IDFC Prem. Eq. another midcap. if you want to increase the midcap exposure, increase SIP amount in HDFC Midcap Opp. or invest full 4k into IDFC Prem. Eq.

    Instead of TATA Ret. saving fund, my take ‘ll be to go for Franklin India Bluechip. A consistent & steady performer in large cap space.



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