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I recently started investments in Mutual Funds and Gold Etf. Can you please suggest is the profile is fine? Is it required any change?[Currently I am 26 years old].

Fund name                      SIP AMOUNT   Investment Plan Time
HDFC Tax Saver(G)                   2000                3 Years
HDFC Top 200(G)                      2500                10 years
Franklin India Blue Chip(G)        2500                  10 years
GOLD BEES ETF                 1gm/month              1-2 years



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  1. Abhishek says:

    Investing in Hdfc tax saver for 3 yrs also is not recommended. U can have negative returns in 3 yrs. If u don’t need the money, hold it for 5 yrs to get a good return.


  2. Abhinav Sonkar says:

    SIP in a tax saving fund is not recommended. You will not be able to withdraw your money after 3 years in one go.

    1. Vinodh Kumar says:

      @Abhniva: Can you please explain in detail? why sip in tax elss not recommended?

      1. Vinodh

        What Abhinava is saying is that Each payment in ELSS is locked for 3 yrs , so when you do an SIP , each and every month payment is locked for 3 yrs , so when 3 years end, your first month payment is open to withdrawsal , then in second month the second payment is unlocked and so on .. a lot of people feel that they will be able to get all the money at end of 3 yr of FIRST SIP . So it makes thing unexpected .

        Its not that its not recommended, just that you should know what will happen


  3. TheZionView says:


    You can shift from HDFC tax saver once the DTC kicks in as seems fit at that time.
    Otherwise for the horizon u have mentioned this is good selection of funds

  4. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Vinodh, as of now it looks good that you have opted consistent performer. Please revisit the performance of your chosen funds once in a year.



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