PO MIS in multiple Post offices?

POSTED BY Feroz ON April 16, 2012 1:28 pm COMMENTS (2)

is there any check point between all POST offices that in one name maximum limit 4.5 lacs only allowed?
i mean: imaging one guy opened PO MIS in mumbai post office 4.5 lacs
& he also later open another PO MIS in pune or delhi post office for another 4.5 lacs…
is there any cross checking there existing?

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  1. In today’s highly networked systems it is highly likely this is easily identified with your PAN, as Ashal already mentioned.

    But what if they dont flag this at the time of opening an account but at the time of maturity of one the schemes they say this person has multiple accounts exceeding the stipulated amounts in various POs and they say that you are ineligible for interest on both accounts from the day the second account was opened what would you do?! Why risk?

  2. Dear Feroz, your PAN ‘ll tell the story. By the way, why are you so much interested with POMIS only? Please clarify.



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