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POSTED BY Anupam Mondal ON October 16, 2012 12:42 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear Sir,


    I am a self employed married man, age 30.i wish to invest 7000-8000/pm in mutual fund.plz suggest me which fund[plz specific fund name exmp…SBI magnum emerging business fund] suitable for me.i also have LIC Jeevan Anand policy[70327/pa] and ppf[60000/ pa] account holder.plz suggession me……plz plz as soon as possible.i lives in villeage town area……so SBI is my first prefferance bcoz it near to me….also other companies mutual fund i intarested……plz help me in details……plz…i also intarested in Gold sevings fund.which gold sevings fund is best?…plz.




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  1. Anupam Mondal says:

    sorry sir…..i have no clear idea,how stock markets work?but i intarested to invest mutual fund…please help me

  2. Anupam

    I am not sure if you are very suitable investor for mutual funds, I can see complete unclarity in your language . Let me know if your risk appetite is low or high and do you understand even in small way , how stock markets work ?


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