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Dear Advisors,


I want to invest in Stocks for longterm. I am already investing in Mutual Funds from past 1 1/2 year. And now I want to invest some portion in stocks also.

Sirs, I have no time and also can not understand the factors affecting the stock valuation. Hence unable to do research on my own to select some stocks for longterm, as I did for Mutual Funds.

Please suggest atleast two large cap stocks and two medium cap stocks. I accept self research is best of all, still due to above reasons I request your advice.


Thank You

Siva Prasad

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  1. Dear Siva, please check your original query & your last reply. In original query, you were demanding a plain tip & now in your last reply, you are talking the same things which all of us are discussing – hard work, research, patience…….

    Our Job is done. Now it’s your time. Start doing your home work. Do some research. By the way all the frontline large cap or midcap stocks are there in your portfolio through your MFs. So research a bit hard. 🙂 🙂



  2. Dear TheZionview,

    Yes I agree that there is difference between free lunch and paid lunch. I am aware of that much of risk. I will not go blindly on tips. I may watch what others are also saying.
    Anyway thank you very much for your concern.

    Dear Ashal,
    My View- If we pick some good stocks (ofcourse after some research), we need not worry about capital in longrun and we also get good returns in longrun. There may be some tension when market falls. Correct me if Iam wrong.
    Now I am in some confusion whether to invest directly or not.

    Thank You

    1. Investing directly requires a LOT of hard work and time. If you are willing to do it then go for it. I don’t do any stock investing. However I am thinking about it. Ranjan Varmas books gives you some stock recommendations. I wanted you to consider Subras specific suggestion as mentioned above. If your stock value falls by 4–50% you must be able to emotionally handle it.

  3. Dear Siva, you are already in the hands of some safest doctors, when you are investing in MFs (answering from your oqn reply). Now if you are really interested in direct investing beyond this point to earn more than what your doctor (fund manager) can arrange to you, you should be ready to risk your capital. personally, I’m against for accepting any TIPs for my hard earned money. As I do not have time & efforts to research on my own for direct investing, I’m not investing in direct eq.

    The last purchase for direct Eq. was in IPO of REC for me.



  4. Dear FFC,

    Thanks for suggesting the Book to get some basic knowledge. May I know in which stocks you are investing? Not to copy, but to have a watch and do little research on those stocks.

    Yes I do read Subras blog. But can not understand him completely as there is lot of confusion. At one post he told SIP will not work for single stock and in another post he told invest regularly in Equity shares. Each time we purchase we can not buy new stock. Ofcourse my understanding may wrong. He already told we make only smart people richer.

    Dear Abhi,
    Thanks for your Advice.

    Dear Ashal,
    We pay expense ratio to AMC, as they do research and invest on our behalf.

    Dear TheZionview,
    We put our life in Doctors hand, because
    1. we have no medical knowledge
    2. we believe Doctor has it.
    we may lose health and money. But there is no other option. Otherwise we should have expertise knowledge in following.
    1. Food 2. Law 3. Health 4. Money 5. Philosophy etc.,
    Every common man should have basic knowledge of all above but can not expect expertise knowledge of all.
    I mean to say we have to depend / believe some one.
    Sorry if I write too much. Any way thanks for suggesting me some stocks.

    Thank You
    Siva Prasad

    1. TheZionView says:

      The Problem is Siva to be a doctor i have to have degree and you can go back to him when your problem isnt solved. But you cant do that here.

      That is the difference between prescription and a tip.

      Tomorrow if something happens to Asian Paints /HDFC bank you can come here and ask again,i might not be here and no one but you alone have to decide on what to do..

      In direct stock if you make a bad pick and if you dont sell at right time,,not just your returns but also your capital will erode in few trading days.

      There is no free lunch here that is all i am saying.

  5. TheZionView says:

    Oh you want 2 Mid cap too


  6. TheZionView says:


    So you are ready to loose money(may be) on the tip we are going give you. Well its your money and you have every right to do what you want. So here goes my Tip

    You want two large cap stock that are doing well ,here it is ,don’t come back asking me why 🙂

    HDFC Bank
    Asian Paints

  7. Dear Siva, you are investing in MFs. Paying an expense ratio of anywhere from 1.2% to 2.5%. Why?



  8. Abhi G says:

    I started learning about long term investing after reading four thing – The Intelligent Investor, security Analysis, warren buffet’s annual letters and . First time I read these I realized investing is not for me. But I read them again and again. Fifth time reading understood a very few concepts and more every time I read repeatedly . Crux is to avoid risk and buying good stocks cheap will generate wealth. We loose money when we buy and not when we sell. Patience is the key.Try tracking the stock performance for some large and mid cap. Almost all of them are giving good returns from 2008 lows. So it’s time and not timing which matters 🙂 All the very best.

    1. The resources you mentioned are terrific. However there is a non- quantitative aspect of stock picking which is beyond me. Understanding a business and the factors that can influence it. Rest like reading a balance sheet looking at P/E ratios etcs can be set to an algorithm like Vishal has. Understanding a business is tough. The one lesson I have learnt from Vishal’s blog: ‘pray pray pray!’

  9. If you want a quick solution, buy Ranjan Varmas new book “lights camera action”
    He has some simple stock recos based on Vishals criteria.

    Read the stable investor blog.

    Subras suggestion:
    See the portfolio of ICICI Prud discovery fund and invest in those stocks following Vishals criteria.
    If you can pay some money goto equitymaster and get his recos.

    I am in the same boat as you!
    all that said can you let us know why you want to invest in stocks?

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