Please suggest which type of investment is best for me?

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I am 20 year old and i earn about 2 lakhs per year. As i currently live with my parents, my expenditure is low and thus i am thinking to invest 1 lakh per year…i am looking for 10-15 years of investment (that means 1 lakh * 10/15 = 10/15 lakh total investment)..


I saw PPF which gives me about 30 lakhs after 15 years if i invest 1 lakh to it for the nexy 15 years…thus, 15 lakh interest that i will earn will be tax free…


Any other options which can provide attractive return than ppf?


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  1. Genoa says:

    You are just 20 years old – which means you can take risk.

    Go with Term Insurance + Equity Mutual Fund + PPF

  2. Dear joel, before investing anywhere, please invest your time in reading past queries/discussion here in the forum. you ‘ll surely get the answer for your query.



  3. bharat shah says:

    if your time frame is 10-15 yrs. , better you limit ppf investment for your tax saving (under80c) and earmark the balance to diversified equity mfs (1 or 2 nos.) selected by going through the discussion in this forum , and with help of sites and .you may use sip/stp for investment in equity mf. of course it has risk ,but may give attractive return at end of 10-15 yrs compared to ppf.

  4. Do you think can save 1 lakh per year for next 10 years?

    List your long term goals.
    Set an emergency fund worth 2-3 months expenses
    If you plan to marry at least 2 years before planned date of marriage buy pure term life insurance with sum assured equal to at least 15-times of your annual income
    Get individual mediclaim in addition that provided by employer.

    Assuming you do the above asap you can then start investing full fledged.
    Start investing in a large cap fund like Franklin India blue Chip. Learn more about MFs and as your income grows you can diversify.
    If you want to start a PPF account do so but contribute very little to it unless you want to save tax. As you age you can increase the contribution

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