Please suggest review of my 6 mutual funds ?

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I’m 29 years old and having below MF investment, please let me know if I need to add/remove any of the fund?

HDFC TOP 200 – 2,000/- per month

HDFC TAX SAVER – 2,000/- per month

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunity – 2,000/- per month

HDFC Prudence – 2,000/- per month

ICICI TAX Plan – 2,000/- per month

ICICI Pru focused blue chip – 2,000/- per month

Thanks in advance

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  1. Uma says:


    Adding on be careful of having too much of exposure in funds from the same fund house.

    Also if you have been investing in the above funds for quite sometime now, you can also look at increasing the amount of SIP.

    1. Happyinvest007 says:

      Thanks Uma for your response.

      Do you feel same fund house is problem? I have started investment recently (3 months back) so still need to increase?

  2. ramakantp says:

    Few suggestions:
    1. You have 2 Tax saving funds with outgoing of 4k. Ideally Tax saving fund should only be used to cover section 80c limit beacuse of the lock in period restriction. See if you need some adjustments in this catagory.
    2. Two large cap funds, one balanced and one small & mid cap seems a good combination.
    3. Given your age see if you want to take a bit more risk then you could put some more weight towards small cap.

    1. Happyinvest007 says:

      Thanks Ramakantp for your suggestions. I will definitely re-look my Investment.

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