Please Look After my Invwestments and Correct any if Required

POSTED BY Indrajit Ghosh ON May 6, 2013 1:41 pm ONE COMMENT

Hello Sir,

Iam 27 yrs,Single,

At present my Portfolio Looks like…



Therefore,Savings= 25000

Investing= 20000 & Rest 5000 in S/B Acc with 8% interest(Kotak Bank)..

Health Insurance: SA=5 Lac( Religare Care) though Medimanage.

For 80C Tax Saving:-

1. EPF= 4350/month(deducted from Salary)

2. GSLIS= 315/month(deducted from Salary) i.e. Total = 56000/yr

SIP in MF:-(Starting from June 2013) Investing For 5+ Years..

1 Franklin Bluechip= 5000/month 

2. Quantum Long Term= 5000/month

3. SBI Emerging Bussiness= 5000/month(for Mid Cap Exposure)

Now, for the balance 44000/- i want to invest in ELSS for Tax Saving.

Q.1. Please suggest a  fund in which should i go for?? How will be Axis Long Term Equity??

Q.2. I want to invest another 5000/month in PPFAS NFO.. Should i go for it??

Q.3. I need a Term insurance of 75 Lac till age 60. Is online Term Plan are better option or should i go for offline?? And which Company will be a better option for the Term Plan??

Q.4. Are my Investments are in a right direction?? Please throw some light. Thank You..

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  1. Dear Indrajit, you ‘ll start your investment from June, So how can we comment now for your investments? If Idea is to check the views on the funds selected by you, please go ahead with these funds.

    Regarding term cover, why only 75L & not 1Cr. you ‘ll be able to save on prem. for a 1Cr. policy. Please check on your own.

    The GSLIS figure – Mly 315 & yly 56000 Rs. how?



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