Please give feedback about my Portfolio of mutual funds

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I was planning to start my SIP’s with below funds:-

BNP Paribas Equity Fund – Growth – Direct – Rs 3000 (Large Cap)

– For a period of 5-10 years

Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Growth – Direct – Rs 3000 ( ELSS)

– For a period of 3-6 years

Franklin Smaller Companies Fund – Growth – Direct – Rs 3000 ( Small Cap)

– For a period of 1-3 years

Please let me know how is it?

And if you would suggest any other funds for Large Cap, Small Cap and ELSS?

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  1. Vishal341 says:

    Thanks, I have decided to do away with the small cap fund for now as it should be for a longer period.

    And have finalized below 2 funds:-

    For large cap:-

    ICICI pru bluechip focus – growth

    For ELSS:-

    Reliance Tax saver fund – growth

    Should I go for direct plans or with Fundsindia account.

    As with direct plan I get better return but with Fundsindia I can opt for Flexi SIP account and change my SIP amounts as and when required?

    1. Hemanth Chandra says:

      You have all the info…. you know all the options you have…. you know pros and cons of all the options you have…. So, ball is in your court now….

      Also, how are u planning to invest in ELSS…. SIP or lumpsum ?

      1. Vishal341 says:

        Hi Hemanth,

        I will prefer manual investment directly in MF as and when required.

        But still confused for ELSS funds which doesn’t seems a good option to me as an equity fund should be for long term and if ELSS fund will meet my financial goals so need to decide between

        PPF, ELSS or FD for the additional 80c amount?

        I don’t want most of my funds to be locked out in PPF for 15 years and I will not have the liquidity?

        What would be the best ratio for 80c investment?

        1. Hemanth Chandra says:

          If you are ready to take the risk, ELSS is better than PPF….. for ELSS lockin is 3 years…. but that doesn’t mean that you have to take the money out after 3 years…. you can hold on to that as long a syou can to achieve your goals…..

  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    I agree with Sumit…. small caps are very volatile… not suitable for 3 years…

    Better invest in ELSS in lump sum…. as your every SIP will have 3year lock-in…… and you will have wait for more than 3 years for all yours funds to get locked out….

  3. Sumit says:

    Franklin Smaller Companies Fund – Growth – for 1- 3 years?

    small cap funds are volatile in such a shorter period, though the market sentiment is positive, so you might have gain better result, but generally for such a short period we should go for fixed income products or balanced funds.

    Small caps are well suited for long term.

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