Please advise!!!

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Please advise with your expert view /inputs to plan my future in correct way.

Current Portfolio:

1.    Salary 1.5 Lac/month 

2.    PF : 1 Lac balance rest withdrew for buying a house

3.    MF’s  through SIP:

a)   IDFC – Premier Plan A Growth  : 5000/ month

b)   Reliance Regular Saving Fund – Growth : 2500/month

c)   HDFC Top 200 – Growth – 2500/month

d)   SBI Gold ETF – 2 units/ month

4.    RD 2k for 1 year, maturing in July 2014

5.    FD 49k maturing in July 2014

6.    Shares 1Lac (Current Value)

7.    LIC Endowment Policy 6000.00 p.a. basically.

8.    ULIP : Monthly Installment.

a)   ICICI – Life Term (Taken in 2005) :  1500/month

b)   Aviva – Save Guard (Taken in 2007) : 3000/month

c)   BSL – Dream Plan (Taken in 2007) : 2000/month

9.    Term Insurance – BSL (Taken in 2011) : 1Cr

10.  Mediclaim – Apollo : 3Lacs (Floater) & 2 Lacs for Mother : Star Insurance

11.  Dependents: Mother( 71) ,Wife(39) & Daughter (5) Son (3)

Wife Portfolio

1.    Earning: 50k

2.    Saving: 7k pm

3.    MF’s  through SIP:

1.    Reliance Equity Opportunity Fund- Growth  : 2500/ month

2.    Reliance Equity Fund – Growth : 2500/month

4.    PPF: 2 Lacs (current balance)

5.    LIC – Money Back : 9438/ annum

6.    Expense: 50K, misc spending

Please advise, as I plan to buy another house in NCR.

Thanks in advance,



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  1. jinesh shah says:

    The most relevent part in your entire information is missing. What is your GOAL. The investment patters is very diverse and I feel wont suffise any goal other then primary savings.

    Please define your goal and then work towards the same. As suggested by friends here Please opt for a financial planner. in NCR there r many.

  2. Dear Kumar Gaurav, if your wife is earning 50K mly, how can she be called as dependent on you? Why do you want to purchase another house in NCR? From the detailed info provided by you, I’m unable to make any conclusion for your investments & the basic query you asked. It seems you are living in NCR. Why are you not opting the services of a paid financial planner? You already marked a negative vote (I assume so) to dear FFC’s fair & honest advice. May I know why?

    If you are posting your query in an open forum like this, you should be ready to accept the advice which is the best in your interest no matter you like it or not.



  3. not much useful can be said with this kind of info. A couple earning 2L a month can surely afford a financial planner (5K to 18K depending on who you go to) to get this done professionally instead of asking for generic advice in a forum like this.

    You need to put down your goals, see how you need to invest for each align your existing assets with those and then see how much emi you can afford for your house.

    You have too many policies which should be dealt with. Depending on your goals, when you took the policies, tax implications you could either make them paid-up or surrender them.
    For ULIP you need to see if you can stay invested by managing the fund portfolio or exit.

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