Planning for long term investment

POSTED BY Rajesh Gupta ON May 9, 2013 2:44 pm COMMENTS (2)

I want to create a wealth of min 25L rupees in 15 years for my daughter`s higher eduction. And also 15L rupees in 20 years for her marriage. Please advise how much and where I should invest to create this corpus? Please advise.

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  1. Dear Rajesh, if the rate of return is 12% yly, you need to invest 5k Rs. for education goal & 3K Rs. for marriage goal on mly basis. so total mly investment ‘ll be 8k Rs.

    If you are going to opt a combination of Pf + Eq. MFs, the mly commitment ‘ll increase as you ‘l be earning less return on your PPF part.

    Please update us with your views.



  2. Use this calculator to find out for yourself:

    As for investment:

    equity MFs about 50% of what you can invest and rest in debt MF
    60% in equity MFs and rest in debt

    Use income funds such as Templeton India Income for Debt.
    A PPF can be used for education if you have a clear 15 financial years bet now and graduation. For marriage: yes you can opt for PPF definitely.

    Equity MFs
    large cap fund like Franklin india Blue Chip
    Lare and Midcap fund ike Quantum long term Equity
    small and midcap like ICIC Pru discovery

    among several others.
    Above site has a setp by step guide to choosing MF which could also be used.

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