Planning for future requirement.

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Sir, I am 28 yrs. physically handicapped male. I can not get insurance plans due to my physical condition. I have invested in Templeton India Pension Plan( Tax Benefit) through monhly SIP of Rs. 500/- but due to some reason stopped after one year. Now I have joined a Call Center since last 3 months on the yearly package of Rs. 1,80,000/-. I want to save for my future i.e for two children’s education ( may be requiered after 15 years), their marriage( after 25 years), and my retirement days( after 32rears). I have no problem for my house because my dad owns house and I am his only son. I can save upto Rs. 5000/ p.m. for the above goal and can increase the amount as my income increases. I also want to revive the Templeton India Pension Plan. I have short listed the following five funds
BNP Paribas Bond Regular, Fidelity Equity, HDFC Top 200, ICICI Prudential Dynamic, and Reliance Equity Opportunities. Please advise me whether the selection is right? If yes how to allocate the amount for monthly SIP amoung those funds? and Which fund for which goal? Thank you.

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  1. Dear Dilip, I assume, you are telling about life insurance & not health insurance. My take – knowing the fact that you are differently abled (I do not like to call physical handicap, it’s an abuse to people like you who are more capable than us – the normal people), it’s all the more important to cover your family & yourself with a mediclaim policy.

    @ 1.8L Rs. package, your mly income is 15K Rs. for next 12 months or so, I w’d ask you to open a bank Rd of 5K Rs. to create an emergency fund of at least 60K initially for you & your family. Keep adding more money to it even after that initial 60K.

    If you do not have free cash flow to start with 5k RD, you may start with 3K RD as of now (meant for new SIP).

    Once an initial emergency fund is there, start investing your SIP amount in HDFC Prudence fund which is relatively less risky than all the 3 funds selected by you & on return parameter is not far behind.



  2. TheZionView says:


    Its good to see you are understand the value of investing

    Before you start any SIP ,you should first create a Emergency Fund.

    It is very very important in any one plan that they keep Emergency Fund on top priority.

    Once you have emergency fund in place you can start you SIP in equity MF.

    My choice of Funds would be

    HDFC Top 200( Large and Mid cap)
    Frankline India Blue chip (Large cap)
    Quantum Long Term Equity (multi cap)

    1. Dilip says:

      Thank you Mr. Ashal for your valuable advice.

    2. Dilip says:

      Thank you Mr. Ashal and TheZion View for your valuable advice.

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