Planning for both short term and long term goals ?

POSTED BY Vishnumoorthy Adiga P ON February 18, 2014 10:58 am ONE COMMENT

Hi Manish:

I have read your books on 16 financial principles every investor should know, how to be your own financial planner in 10 steps and also a regular reader of After reading these 2 books, I have created emergency fund and planning to buy term and health insurance for myself.

Myself Vishnu and I am a software professional in Bangalore. I can save nearly 8000 every month. I have few doubts regarding my financial planning. Could you please help me out?

-> My age is 26, and my parents are 63 and 53 respectively. My mother has hospitalization history(2 times). Now how can I get health cover for them? premiums are really huge due to their age(also history). Can I go for bank offered health insurance for them? or is there any way I can address this problem?

-> In next 1.5 year we are planning for my sister’s marriage and 2.5 years mine. Since I have to generate money for both events, which option I can choose? RD is the best one?

-> All my dreams like, purchasing house/land, car plans are not drafted yet because of these near term expenditures.

Please guide me how can I solve all these 3 problems in an optimal manner.

Thank you,
with regards,

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vishnu, had you read this earlier?



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