Can Invest 3,000 for my kids education goal for long term ?

POSTED BY Sethu ON January 25, 2015 6:12 pm COMMENTS (2)

I was a absolute zero in Personal Finance and started reading Jago investor 2 years back (did that only for 5-6 months). The few things I did after reading

  • took Term Insurance for a bigger amount,1.25 Cr
  • dumped my money back policies
  • Opened PPF
  • Started  reviewing Credit Reports
  • Applied a Pan Card for my Daughter and got it yesterday (if that is relevant to the below question)

Then work took off and did not spend too much time on Jago/Personal Finance as much as i wanted to…Now getting back here with the intention to invest in Mutual Funds for my daughter(4.5 years old) for long term.I wish not to disturb this amount for the next 15 years. I can invest a maximum of 3k per month.

Which funds should i look at to invest?


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  1. S T says:

    Using Valueresearch or other online tools to check the performance.

  2. S T says:


    Good to see your intention of saving up for your kids education. The best way forward would be,

    1. Identify how much the higher education cost today
    2. Use the calculator available in JI to identify, with inflation adjusted, how much the corpus should be post 15 years.
    3. Step 2 will also give you an indication how much you should start to invest to begin with. Assume that the return would be around 10 – 12%
    4. Choose any Large Cap fund, based on last 10 / 15 year performance using

    This is how I went about it

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