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DEAR Ashal, do let us know about the PFRD NATIONAL PENSION SCHEME.
Is it good. please share me the details and is it worth to join the same.
iam 38. i mean for pension above 50.

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  1. Dear Sreekanth, if getting pension or should I say earning income in your sunset years is the basic idea for your query, please do not go for this NPS thing. Instead try to create a big corpus. From this created corpus, you can start receiving pension anytime either though SWP from the same corpus or by investing this corpus in full or in part into immediate annuity plan of LIC or any other insurer of your choice.

    In my opinion, you should try to create a large corpus (as max. as possible).



    1. dilip lalwani says:

      Dear ASHAL,
      i found your comments very useful to us , just guide us which are the avenues to create big corpus if i cover fully my life ,health,and ppf contribution.which one will be able to deliver gr8 return over the long periods. asking second question which one among postal life insurance and LIC jeevan saral is good for investment purpose .

      1. Dear Dilip, Why do you want to drain your money in PLI or LIC’s Jeevsn Saral policies?

        As you are adequately covered for life & health & PPF is also max, please think to invest in MFs to create a good corpus after 25-30 years for your retirement needs. For pure Eq. funds my call ‘ll be 10% return for the time being.



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