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POSTED BY Rajan Kumar ON April 3, 2013 3:26 pm COMMENTS (5)

I have filed a EPF grievance & I got a reply from PF office
“Claims in Form-19 and 10C were returned to employer on 18/03/2013 for want of Form 3A & Form 6A. In this regard, the member is requested to contact the employer for early resubmission along with all documents. On receipt of the same, the claims will be processed as per manual of accounting procedure and on merits.”

What is this 3A & 6A forms….is this submitted by Employer along with Form 19 & 10c, How to fill-up these forms 3A & 6A.

I have contacted the employer they are saying we didn’t get any returned form.

Kindly help me how to proceed further from here.

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  1. Dear Rajan, contact the PF office in question & check ‘ll they accept the repeat application? In my personal view, they should.



  2. Rajan Kumar says:

    No, Forms were not received by Employer…..If I submit a new Forms-19 and 10C & ask payroll team to submit the 6A & 3A forms again, will PF office accept these forms again as we don’t know the status of rejected forms.

  3. Dear Rajan, I understod your question properly. I answered the miscomunication part.

    PF office is telling you – sent these forms.

    Your employer is telling – Not received the form

    So your first priority is to make sure that the forms are indeed received by your employer.

    For that i answered. As simple as that.



  4. Rajan Kumar says:

    Hi Ashal,

    I am sorry…you are not getting my question….Form 3A & 6A is required by PF office…this is the reason for rejection.

    Kindly go through my request again.

    Rajan Kumar

  5. Dear Rajajn, please file an RTI aplication at PF office, to know the status of post by which these 3A & 6A form were send to your employer.



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