PF transfer issue grievance ?

POSTED BY Baagi ON November 29, 2013 6:27 pm ONE COMMENT

Manish, Can you help me advise in PF transfer case. I have applied for transfer of my previous companies PF A & B (both from Bangalore but different PF offices) with company C (Gurgaon) almost 1.6 year back. As I didnt get the update after long time I have raised the grievance online- first with Target office C & they informed they have submitted the claim on 08.09.2012 & have not received the transferred amount till date. Then I lodged another two more grievances to the Source offices A & B.

A responded saying that Form 5 & 10 are not submitted & asked to resubmit the claim again with these forms. (As per my knowledge, PF office would reach out to company A & they have to submit these forms. I am not sure why they would ask me to provide these documents).

B responded saying that no transfer claim was received for the PF account number furnished in the grievance.

Given the above scenario, I would want to know:

– If I can file the RTI for both of them as I am very upset with the way things went.
– To whom should I now file the RTI – source or target PF offices
– Should I file 2 RTI’s separately(with 2 IPO’s) or can I ask for clarity in the same one application with just one IPO.
– What all information I can ask in each of these scenarios.
– Please add/suggest What else I can do here.
– Iam currently working for company D in Pune. Should I have to again go for transfer of PF of all 3 to D or wait till A & B gets transferred to C. And then apply for transfer of C to D.
– can I quote the current address when Iam filing the RTI.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Baagi, as no transfer happend previously, I w’d ask you now to reapply for all 3 accounts to be transferred to PUNE in D. Please apply online and wait for any info from Pune office.



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