PF transfer – confusion with “Date of leaving service with previous employer”

POSTED BY amiteshpagare ON September 26, 2013 10:50 am COMMENTS (4)

Dear sir,

I was not relieved by my previous company, there my reliving date was 01.09.2012 (two month notice) but I worked their till 31.07.2012. 01.08.2013 was my weekly off and 02.08.2013 was holiday of Rakshabandhan and I joined my present organisation on 03.08.2012. I want to transfer my PF a/c so I am confused which date should i write in form 13 in the column “Date of leaving service with previous employer”.

Pl. help me to resolve this concern of mine.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Amitesh, did you get salary for 2 days from your old employer for the month of August?



  2. amiteshpagare says:

    Thanks sir,
    I should put the date 31.07.2012. I was confused in two dates (01-02 aug. 2012) because one was my weekly of and another was a holiday and both were paid ones.

  3. vaibhav45 says:

    31.07.2012 would be the last date. When you take relieving documents from previous company, it should have 31st as your last working day.

    If your relieving date is after 3rd that it can be a case of double employment which companies doesn’t allow. You can work as a consultant but not as a full time employee

  4. Mustafizur Rahaman says:

    Dear Amitesh, Frankly I did not understand all the different dates you mentioned above. You must have a relieving letter from your previous employer & that letter must have a date, that is supposed to be the last date/relieving date of your previous company. You should mention that date as “Date of leaving service with previous employer”

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