How do I find my PF account balance?

POSTED BY Jai ON October 29, 2012 2:56 pm COMMENTS (13)

How do I find my PF account balance? Is there a way I can do it without asking my employer or going to PF office ?

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  1. thippeswamy boya says:

    hai iam thippesh kn/bn/ which loction comes pls clarify me argently…….

  2. Ajith says:

    Member ID BGBNG******************** does not exist in member master.
    What’s this?

  3. krish says:

    hi, my PF number starts with KN/xxxxx/yyyy. I dont have BN number. Hence im not able to transfer PF via online.

    1. sudheer says:


      My pf number will start with KN/25xxx/24xx.

      How can i check in portal. I could not found with Starting with KN fallowed by number.
      Please advice on this.?


      1. Hi sudheer

        I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

        Its a bit long cut, but works well


  4. Amit A says:

    Just wanted to update, I received SMS about passbook availability. I did get my PF passbook today with all latest entries updates. That is amazing to get government things done with just a click. Thanks Yogesh.

  5. Amit A says:

    Thanks Yogesh. I tried but it seems passbook is not available for my account. They have accepted my request and I am expected to hear back in 3 days.

  6. PANKAJ says:

    @ Amit A
    unfortunately one can not get updated balance, however govt is working to revamp the infrastructure but indeed it will take time.

    1. Yogesh K says:

      I think you can get updated balance of EPF if you download EPF passbook. Please follow the steps mentioned in

  7. Amit A says:

    Thanks Pankaj. I tried this and system sent me SMS with balance as of 31 March 2011. Any ideas, how to get latest one?


    @ Amit A
    Login to website
    and provide all the required details i.e.
    1. Office : In which city your office is situated
    2. Establishment code : Its 5 digit code. Get it from link
    3. Extension Code : Its a two letters code. For Example for Karnataka its KN
    4. Last but not the least your employee number.
    If you already know your PF account information then you may easily get all the above information .
    If your PF No. is KN/BN/xxxxxx/yyyyy, then your PF account is in Bangalore in Karnataka (KN stands for the Region and BN sub region office of the EPFO), your establishment code No. is xxxxxx (which will be the same for all employees of your establishment in Bangalore)and your account number is yyyyy.

    Feel free to ask if you have some more doubts.


    1. srinivas says:

      HI PANKAJ,

      Can you tell me KN/BN stands for. Now i an not able to see KN/BN. But i have a PF account starts KN/BN.

      Could you please clarify.


      1. KN stands for Karnataka , BN is mostly bangalore

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