– Is it worth trying their Mutual Fund advice route for 1000 bucks?

POSTED BY sunil ON September 5, 2013 1:37 pm COMMENTS (10)

Dear Manish and others,

I have recently come across a mail from “”. The excerpt is as follows.

They have a Fund Select package given out for 1000 rs. In that they shall be showing the best available Funds in market etc etc…. and how to choose the Mutaul Funds..

My main question is, did anyone try from them? if YES, how useful is it?

I understand, i am not asking for free lunch, but research is always good than raw data.

Thanks in Anticipation,


10 replies on this article “ – Is it worth trying their Mutual Fund advice route for 1000 bucks?”

  1. RK77 says:

    4 out of 5 funds recommended by them have done well. One has given returns well below the benchmark.

  2. bazinga says:

    Has anyone subscribed to their mutual fund services , as I too need this information ?

  3. sunil says:

    @ Vijay – Nice thought process.

  4. vijay says:

    Interesting proposition you’ve got there! If they can demand the payments ‘result based’ instead, that’d would speaking volumes of their knowledge and confidence without having to talk about money-back guarantee! Moreover, if I were confident of such returns, I’d probably take a personal loan for a million bucks and do the investment rather can seek Rs.1000 as payment from a 1000 people!

  5. sunil says:

    @Ashsih, as always, they say it’s their 10th year anniversary so they are charging 1000 instead of 5000 per year.

    Not sure of the 43% mark (not sure abot what they are saying) hence this thread…. if anyone is already a subscribed member, he can throw some light on this.

    Note: I shall never take it until i get 100% assurance on the product that it is useful.


    1. Rajesh says:

      Their recommendations are good and process based. If they are charging a fee, the chances are high that they would be unbiased in their advise.

      You can certainly try, and go for refund in case you do not like their recommendation.

  6. Ashish Garg says:

    Hi Sunil,

    If they are so sure of 43% performance why are they charging this miniscule amount of Rs.1000 and not a heavy amount to make others rich? Plus this 43% or so again is not guaranteed for future.


  7. sunil says:

    They say the Funds discussed by them have performed 43% better than the normal funds.
    I understand the fine print, 43% compared to non-performing funds (can be a case).

    Just wanted to check the authencity of their reports, and wanted to find if anyone had taken this prior.

    They even have a money back gaurantee, i am not 100% sure if they will give the subscription amount back with out questions (as they say).

    Hence wanted to enquire on this.

    Ashal, as always, your way of questioning makes me more alert.


    1. Nishit says:

      Hi Sunil,

      I’ve also come across the email from PersonalFN and have tried to do my bit of research and came across this old tread started by you.

      So, just wanted to know if you finally bought the report? Was it useful?


  8. Dear Sunil, let’s discuss it differently. Can you earn extra 2K on your suggested investments from personalfn? This extra 2K is to justify the fee they are charging.



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