Personal Loan VS Property Loan

POSTED BY Anuraj A ON October 16, 2012 11:07 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Jagoinvestor Team,


I have been regularly reading the forums from last couple of months, you guys helped me out to get a direction in my financial life. As per your suggestions I have started Insurances and started investing in MFs. I have a question here.


Right now my Dad has a loan from a co-operative society which he took keeping our property as guarantee. The loan outstanding is 8.2 Lakhs as of now. The bank has increased the interest now to 15%. Currently the EMI is 10000 PM before the interest hike. I think the EMI will also rise in next few months. I am eligible for a personal loan with interest rate of 14.75% . I just want to know is this a good decision to take a personal loan and completely close the property loan.


I would like to know if I can substitute the Personal Loan with property Loan.

The advantage I find here is a slightly less interest and a more disciplined approach than what my Dad is doing currently.

I will even have the option to do partial payments (I may go abroad in a couple of months).



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  1. In personal loans they dont encourage part payments mostly until you work for major corporates. If you will not incur any charge for prepayment of personal loan + the processing cost for new loan/costs for closure of old loan do not exceed the benefit by switching to personal loan by all means go ahead.

    However 0.25% may not make a much difference in the current scheme of things.

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