Personal Loan A/c is not Linked to SB Account ?

POSTED BY poonamkgg ON January 25, 2015 6:21 pm COMMENTS (3)


I have first SB account since 2007, then in 2014 I have taken Personal loan on the same CIF and same Branch.

The surprizing thing is that my Personal loan a/c (being with same CIF as of SB a/c) is not linked to the Saving Account. Branch Personnels are confused and not able to solve (even if I visited more than 20 times to the Braanch and more than 10 complaints have been also filed to SBI, including online and offline). The problem is as it was. Please Solve as I think you are team of EXPERTS.


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  1. poonamkgg says:

    Hey Admin! Now my problem is solved because two days back the Chief Manager of the Bank phoned me and took the necessary details and yesterday evening my problem has been solved.
    However, I have not raised a complaint with ombudsman at the link (
    But thanks for providing the link, which I think would be required for any future Bank related UnSolved problems.

    1. Great ! . Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hemanth says:

    please raise a complaint with ombudsman at below link. I am sure it will be resolved.

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