Personal assets and liabilities form

POSTED BY Anand Iyer ON January 5, 2013 11:32 pm ONE COMMENT

I’m in the process of applying for an SBI home loan. In the “Assets and liabilities form that is needed by the bank, is it a good idea to disclose every bank account (incl balance) as well as FD’s, Insurance or PF?

While having multiple assests strengthens ur case in general, I am also concerned that they may try to grab one or more of them as a surety for the loan..which I dont want.

Pls advise.

thx – Anand

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  1. dear Anand, they ‘ll not grab any thing for surely as long as the house in question is mortgaged with SBI. Actually showing your high networth ‘ll improve your credit profile & thus early disposal of your loan application.



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