Personal Accident Policies bought through Medimanage

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Inviting feedback from members who have purchased Personal Accident / Critical Illness Policies through Medimanage. How has your experience been, did you make any claims and how well it was catered too. Appreciate your feedback.

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  1. S.Das says:

    I came to know about Medimanage from Jagoinvestor and trusted it. But their service have deteriorated as they are not bother to provide receipt and policy even after payment of premium. I paid for policy no. ​131300/48/2016/11847. I paid premium dated 23.09.2016 but till date do not receive any formal receipt or policy. Medimanage has started fraudulent activites.

    1. Thanks for sharing your review about them. I have forwarded your complaint to them

      1. S.Das says:

        Thanks for your concern and cooperation. After aggressive follow up Medimanage team sent both soft and hard copy. First year Medimanage offered very good service, second year i received soft copy but not hard copy if the policy, third year i.e. 2016, i received both only after raising complaint. Medimanage is could be good platform but they have to maintain standard.

        1. Thanks for your comment S.Das

  2. Hello All, I am completely unsatisfied with kind of service provided by Medimanage, This is really a worst customer service I have seen ever. 1. Customer Service people not providing feedback timely manner, employee always need to call/contact every time. 2. TPA taking too long time for reimbursement process, approval time. 3. Vidal Health Customer Service people always providing different feedback, like they are unknown of all communication. I have very good experience in last organization with another TPA, Customer Service was excellent with that. I recommend not to go with medimanage. I hope this mail will help others to know about medimanage problems. Vijay

    1. Thanks for sharing that

  3. Dear JD, in case of Bharti, the prem. for just 5L Rs. is 5450 for your mother whereas in Aviva it’s 3871 for same 5L . Sprite ! Clear hai…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



  4. J.D. says:

    dear asal will u plz explain me abt this

    me kuch smja nahi dear……….. bt yeh sab true hai thru their site

  5. J.D. says:

    i dnt understand asal really…. i talked wit their executive
    and also visited their website

  6. J.D. says:

    what what what ???????
    i m not lieing asal… i visited on companies web site and thn i got these details……its true… and after tht i talked with abv companies customer care execuitive….. according to tht i got tht info.

    if i m wrong plz correct me with more info..abt my quiries plz ….

    1. Dear JD, the prem. quoted by Aviva is the factor tilting the scale in it’s favor.



  7. rakesh says:


    Surprised you advised Aviva, Bharti covers 20 illness, would it not be better to go for it for his mother?

    1. Dear Rakesh, please check the prem. quotes also.



      1. rakesh says:

        I would not compromise here for premium. Bharti cover 20 illness whereas Aviva covers only 12. Just a scenario what if i took CI from Aviva and later realized that i got an illness which was covered by Bharti. I think for his mother it would be better to opt for Bharti.

        1. Dear Rakesh, I can understand your concern & I’m fully ok with your take. Actually I’m happy that you are going with your personal choices & not by the choices made for you by others.



  8. J.D. says:

    he asal thnx a lot 4 giving me advice on CI…
    bt will u plz tell me any perticular reason to go with aviva … plzzzzzzzz

    1. Dear JD the answer lies in the prem. quotes given by you.



  9. J.D. says:

    He i want best answer from ur site plzzzzzzzz … ha one more thing Manish u doing best job dud… keep it up …. try to solve my quiery……..

    ” Jai JagoInvestor Team ”

    God Bless U……..

  10. J.D. says:

    Yes Ashal The info. provided by me is right..Bz from last 10 days i worked on tht… i used abv companies site to get this info…..

    If any thing wrong….???? will u help me to choose better company …. or shall i take 2 company policy each 5 lac…..


    1. Dear JD, from the data given by you Aviva is best, please go for it.



  11. J.D. says:

    hello all of u

    i hv a quiery abt Critical illness policy…….
    actually i want to buy CI for my family…wht should we remember b4 buying this policy??? which one is best company ? shall i buy 2 critical illness policy each 5 lac… is it gud ??? wht do u think ???
    Bharti-Axa , Aviva , Bajaj i m confused abt abv companies whch one is beter thru CLAIM RATIO OR PREIUM …

    some details i hv found…


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-5450/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-4495/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-5 Lac T-22yrs prem.-3871/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-10 Lac T-22yrs prem.-6730/-


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-/-1675/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-/-1685/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-5 Lac T-30yrs prem.-3871/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-10 Lac T-30yrs prem.-3045/-


    Bharti-Axa(20 diseases)-S.A.-5LAC T-1yr prem.-/-1225/-
    Bajaj ( 10 diseases)-SA-5Lac T-1yrs prem.-/-1124/-
    AVIVA (12 Diseases) -SA-11 Lac T-30yrs prem.-2336/-

    wht should we take ?? 2 policy each 5 lac or one policy ???

    sooooooo confused ….

    1. Dear J D, are you sure the info provided by you is right? The reason is – Prem. figures are 1Y & then 22Y for mother, 1Y & 30Y for you & 1Y & 30Y for wife from different insurer.

      Please check & rectify the mistake if any.



  12. Dear Rakesh, why are you not asking from medimanage itself for reference of their work?



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