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I worked in REINZS-TALBROS LTD., in Ghaziabad dist. Uttar Pradesh from May 1971 till June 1996 and left the service of the company and joined in Ampi Agencies Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi in June 1996 and worked till 1998. From, that period onwards, I am unemployed and I attained 58 years of age in July 23, 2012. I have applied for the Pension Scheme with my 2nd Employer i.e Ampi Agencies, but they have returned the Docuemnts stating that they want some documents to certified by the previous employer i.e. Reinz-Talbros. Unfotunately, this company has closed in 1996-97.

Now I want to get the amount deducted from my salary as Family Pension from both the companies.Kindly inform me in which EFP form, I can apply to get the amount already deducted more than 25 years of service.

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  1. Sanjay says:

    For PF Txfer, Use Form 13
    For PF Withdrawl, Use Form 19.

    You must be having your Salary Slip from Both employers showing deduction of PF. Also you may have your Annual EPF stts.
    Findout under Which EPF office you fall in.
    Chk EPF Website
    You can file a grievance at EPFO website or chkyour EPF status (Doubful if it is not updated) at
    Try calling RPFC(I) on his contact no.
    Hope this helps

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