Penalty tax payments of Rs 4500 in Section 234 – Any help ?

POSTED BY Mitesh22 ON August 6, 2014 6:34 pm ONE COMMENT

Last year I uploaded the IT returns and downloaded ITR-V, I failed to send the hardcopy to bangalore, It now shows some 4500 Rs in Section 234 A, B and C. What should i do about that amount?

Do I have to pay or is it already deducted? I dont know anything about it… Also this year’s IT return i Filed on 31st july and it shows some 1500 Rs for the same Section 234… what should be my next step? Can i complete last years IT return filing procedure now? and This year’s too?? Have no idea about all these sections and laws… its too complicated!!

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  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    You can search these terms online and get the results. Basically if you have missed the default date of tax filing or if you are eligible for Advance tax payment and have not paid them, then you are liable to pay tax on these sub sections. possible scenarios: (1)you have FD and tds is deducted for 10%, but you fall in 20-30% bracket, (2)you have income from other sources where tds is not deducted and you have not paid advance tax.

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