Path to Prevent future investment from discontinuity

POSTED BY atanu ON April 21, 2014 2:16 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi, I am now 39;

My job is not stable as Government service. So I need a plan to keep investing. I have plan to keep investment in two section. 1>PPF and 2> Mutual fund(as SIP).

Objective are: Gather future invest amount before time of investment to protect from discontinuity on investment during hard time on private job.

Now my query are

For part 1 (PPF)-[Want to build and prevent future investment from discontinuity for PPF]-
I want to invest 60,000 per year(in PPF). So every year I need to keep ready rs 60000. To give and to protect from discontinuity this investment per year, I want to take a strategy. And that is : I invest in mutual fund as SIP(rs 5000) and do not touch upto 2 years.(In 2nd year I\’ll manage 60000 to invest in PPF).

After from 2 years withdraw 60000 per year to invest in PPF, But I will keep investing as same manner to protect and to ready rs 60000.
Please tell are it correct way? If so, please advise on which mutual fund I\’ll invest for this purpose.
If there are another way, please also advise.

Note:For part 2(Mutual fund(as SIP)) -I am investing in Mutual fund separately to build wealth(at time span 20-25 year). (that is part 2). This is not for PPF. I also want here to build my future investing amount(of SIP). Here I do not know ,what is the correct way .

My moto is if I gather my investment(like premium) amount, then automatically I\’ll safe to build wealth.Because I have investment amount.So please advise how can I build/protect future invest to protect from discontinuity of investment.

Please give me advise precisely.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Atanu, you may opt sweeping FDs as well as liquid funds.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Atanu, to keep the matter, why not opting RDs for PPF investments?



    1. atanu says:

      Dear Ashal,
      Thanks for your advice.
      RD has lock in period . Please tell where (post office or bank) I should go for RD.
      Please also inform how much I am beneficial from RD.
      Note: I think you have advised not for mutual fund, because of short term. Actually I thought previously, on mutual fund for this purpose. Because remaining(after withdraw 60000 every year for PPF investments ) money can grow simultaneously. And also I can increase or decrease investment amount. Also please consider tax. Yes mutual fund have no guarantee.
      Please tell which is better for monthly investing mutual funds or RD and how much.
      Again many thanks for your advise.

    2. Rajiv94 says:

      I agree with Ashal’s suggestion. For short term goals opt for RDs and for long term goal opt for MFs.

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