Papers required at time of Home loan agreement ?

POSTED BY abhi_oil ON February 27, 2014 10:52 am ONE COMMENT

I inquired at my employers loan dept and I was told that these are the papers required for home loan:-

1.Registered sale deed in original.

2.Permission for construction of house from concerned local authority/ Municipal Corporation.

3.Approved plan.

4.Title clearance/ Non-encumbrance certificate in original containing 12 years upto date search – issued by Registrar / Sub-Registrar/ Government District Pleader/ Company’s ( employer) Panel Advocate.

5.Valuation Certificate from Registered Valuer.

6.Non-Agricultural permission/ ULC. Allotment letter, NOC from the builder to mortgage the flat to Company ( employer)

7. Original money receipt against the initial payment made to the builder.

8.Registered Architect’s Certificate, wherever applicable

For PF withdrawal:

1.Agreement on Rs/- 100 Non judicial stamp paper duly notarized between seller and purchaser.

2.copy of sale deed of seller

3.Latest non encumbrance certificate


can anybody tell me are normally are these papers available with builders ?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Abhi, yes normally these papers ‘ll be available with your builder.



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