PAN Card – Surname / Firstname

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My name is Nagarajan and father name is Santhan. As per my PAN card details





This is in correct format ? If not, any issues in case I am contunue with the same ?



Nagarajan Santhan

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  1. Naushad says:

    My father’s name is Abdul Rahim

    1. SATHEESH says:

      Sampath ok Venkatesh not

  2. sathyaprakash says:

    I am sathyaprakash, my father name Ramasamy
    My first name and last name please tell me.

  3. Subbu says:

    Hi Mr. Nagarajan
    Have updated your PAN card, can you please share the process..

  4. Nagarajan Santhan says:

    Thanks to all. I will make changes immediately.

  5. Syamantak says:

    if you are getting PAN reprinted get it from the authority : NSDL. Better not to go through any middlemen. You may try below link

  6. Dear nagarajan, please apply for correction in PAN card data & also get the reprint of your card.

    This may become an issue later on.



  7. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Also I think it is alway
    As good to have the details in correct format.
    As your PAN card at many places is used as an identity proof document.
    And if you do not change then may be again and again you may land up with swapped details of your name.

  8. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Hello Santhan,

    Technically not sure. But you can check with

    Recently I have taken their service to get a New PAN card as my existing card is damaged.
    At least till the submission of the form everything went well and quite user friendly portal.
    Try if it help solving your query.


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