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POSTED BY Harsh Sharma ON January 13, 2011 3:45 pm ONE COMMENT

Manish, you’ve  raised a valid point “paying for advice“.

As I understand its easier to locate a professional agency for big investors (i.e. who can invest in lakhs from day one) but for investors with limited capital there is very limited options available as profit margins for such “professional agencies” are thin. Now coupled with limited options, information about such genuine professional advisors is also very limited so I thought it would be worthwhile to have a thread where such information could be shared for everyone;s benefit.

If I were to pick a professional financial planner for personalized investment advice at  moderate price @bangalore what options do I’ve ? and how do I make sure/evaluate I’ve picked the right guy ?


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  1. Harsh

    Looking at your question , I still feel you equate “Financial Planner” as ” investment advisor” only . Which is not the case .

    What you need is a planner , who understand your concerns in your financial life and then gives you a pathway where you can move on . He can open up your mind on various areas of financial life and show you why you should not do certain things and do some things and how it will impact you in future.

    Note that This will not give you instant gratification , the results would come later , you need to have that mindset .

    Regarding getting right planner for you , it can be some one whom you trust , feel that they are competent and you have good wavelength matched with them . Truely speaking its not an easy thing to locate them in our country as their are very few of them .

    Also note that if you want to pay moderate price , you will get moderate planner only , You should make sure you understand that you are going to hire some one who will help you design your future financial life , it will impact your children , your family and your self over the years, so you should hire the best . I remember an ad which comes on TV , “Sabse accha , sasta nahi ”


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