Opinions on Yes Bank

POSTED BY Jason Braganza ON January 12, 2013 11:16 am COMMENTS (4)

I am looking at a new savings account (switching away from Citi because of their new higher minimum balance requiremnts)

Is Yes Bank a good option?

Any pros / cons / delighted service / horror stories for me?

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  1. Dear Jason, If Yes bank is in your easy reach, please go ahead.



    1. Jason Braganza says:

      Thank you for the recommendation Ashal. Are you a customer? How is their customer service?

      1. Dear Jason, I’m not the customer but I do have some positive feedback regarding Yes bank from my friends & other known people that’s why, I asked you to do so.

        In case you are in doubt, open the account in SBI or IDBI. Both are PSU banks but on the count of net banking & service charges, are way above others. I’m not comparing these 2 banks with pvt. banks for the simple reason of avg. balance & related penalty of pvt. banks like ICICI or HDFC or Axis.



        1. Jason Braganza says:

          I WILL be using SBI as the other bank. I will be splitting my Citi account into two.

          One was SBI & I was considering Yes for the other

          You’ve been a great help Ashal. Thank you very much!

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