Opened an accounts with My Universe

POSTED BY Anand ON November 14, 2013 9:06 am COMMENTS (5)


I just opened a free account with ( My Universe ) This free account allows addition of upto 2 bank/card/loan/insurance/bill accounts.

I added one of my credit card account and bank account and information shown by them regarding balance and liabilities is accurate. I also had added a insurance account to it temporarily.

And I wanted to ask, is this service good enough(It seems to me) ?  I meant to ask with respect to security and ease of use. Their paid version allows addition of any number of services and costs 500  a year.

So what do you say ? Any idea of same ?

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  1. maheshgaur says:

    I also paid for my universe but its really not worth.
    My observations are:
    HDFC accounts done update automatically,
    Due dates are not updated correctly
    Credit card intimation is recd after 2 days of transaction
    fundindia doesnt get linked.
    In mobile app loan account details are not visible
    if you have withdrawn cash and not accounted as expense it shows as cash with you and cant be set as zero again.

    i also agree that perfios is better than this but in perfios on transaction you just get a mail but no transaction details on the same


  2. Anand says:

    Hi Manish/ Karthik

    Thanks for your opinion.

    @Karthik : Why you think that “Perfios Gold account” is better ? What better services they provide or drawbacks of “My Universe” ? Can we add separate accounts for me and parents in Perfios Gold account ?
    I also looked website of Perfios , feature in free also plan look good. But this name is unheard. Since when you are using their services ?

    @Manish : Thanks. But will it be secure ? And please also consider such other options when you compare them, like one mentioned by Karthik above.

    I am also emailing some doubts to My Universe. I was in a bit hurry, as I got coupon code from My Universe for Rs:200 off on any service.


    1. Karthik says:


      you try both of those (free accounts) with your bank / mutual fund accounts. Choose the one which best suits for your needs. For me, Perfios is good. I am using it for more than a year.

  3. Karthik says:

    I tried, its not so good.
    I have Perfios Gold account for the same Rs.500/- per year. Its excellent.

  4. I have not yet looked at it , but I think its an excellent product . Keeping in mind the overall Indian market, its a good enough product, atleast gives some things for free to manage and most of the things at a small cost of Rs 500 .

    So I think you should pay for paid version and use it .

    Thanks for giving the review on it too . I am now thinking of using it myself and publishing a detailed review about it.


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