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POSTED BY Mehul Sharma ON June 12, 2013 6:17 pm COMMENTS (6)

Is there any online term plan which can cover you even you leave for abroad for long suppose 8 years stay? I am going to take Aviva ilife. any suggestions.

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  1. Mehul Sharma says:

    I meant it was not possibe to cover when one move abroad after getting insurance. I was misinformed that it ll cover only if I stay in India. if I become NRI that won’t cover life insurance taken from india and moved abroad.

  2. Mehul Sharma says:

    thank u FFC, I got to know from somebody that it was not possible so asked same but got confirmed thats not a case.

    1. Mehul, I don’t understand. What is not possible?

  3. Death anywhere on the planet will be covered in a term plan. However the paperwork involved can be really cumbersome.

    Proof of death has to be provided. Even if death happens in India sometimes this can be tricky. Providing the necessary papers from abroad will be a problem especially if the nominee is in India.

    In such a case best to identify someone responsible and give their contact information to the nominee.

  4. Mehul Sharma says:

    @Anand- Thank you, I confirmed it by calling customer care they do cover it.

  5. Anand says:

    All online term plans cover the death, irrespective of where it happens.

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