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POSTED BY Trishit Ray ON December 9, 2011 5:44 pm COMMENTS (7)

As a regular reader of jagoinvestor I came across Manish’s article on medimanage and this reminds me of one task that I could not complete during the Action Month due to some reason.The task was to increase my health insurance coverage from 2L to atleast 5L.At present I have United India individual mediclaim policy.I am looking for online solution.

I have visited united india portal but it does not offer online renewal.There are so many news about high claim rejection of united india so I won’t mind opting out of this company.

I visited medimanage, it is a good option for many.It has almost same business model and service like fundsindia. But unfortunately it is not available in my area.Is there any consolidated medical insurance portal which has similar service like medimanage ?

I also visited oriental insurance portal.It offers online buy and renewal but the upper limit is 5L only.
How is the performance of this company ?Shall I go with this ?

I am not confident about the private insurers operating in my hometown.So, there is a preference for gov. companies only.

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance,

Trishit Ray

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  1. Dear Trishit Ray, For portability please contact the new insurer you want to start with (Oriental in this case). Just like the mobile no. portability, mediclaim policy portability is also just on it’s starting point. Not too much info is available but I feel the new ins. co. can only answer it properly.

    Regarding online solution, you may check the standalone health insurer like Star or Max or Apollo.



    1. Trishit Ray says:

      Thanks Ashal for your reply.Yes since the portability is in its starting point and there is a lack of information so I thought why not buy a fresh new policy?

      As I mentioned earlier I have a preference for gov. companies. Can anybody share their experience with Oriental Insurance?



  2. CodeRed says:

    @Trishit Ray You can go for Oriental Insurance if you are looking for public sector insurer or if you are looking for private insurer, you can try Star Health and Allied Insurance. Both are good in terms of services they provide. Also do mention the pre-existing diseases carefully and honestly in the proposal form. Please go through this link about claim rejection:
    Source: Subramoney

    I agree with ashal here since health insurance has become portable, you may switch to another insurer.

    1. Trishit Ray says:

      Ashal and Codered,

      Thanks for your reply.I have a few more questions.

      1.Is insurance portability actually started ? I heard some noise in the channels but also heard that the insurance companies are still buying some time.

      2.What is the procedure for insurance portability? I mean whom to contact,how to apply etc.

      3.My existing policy expires next month and I have no pre existing health issues and never claimed. In this scenario if I buy a fresh policy from Oriental which costs merely 5k odd would it be advisable?

      4.Instead of buying the policy from an agent or going to the branch office if I buy online is there any problem afterwards?

      I asked about ONLINE SOLUTION also.Please anybody throw some light on this.

      Trishit Ray

  3. Dear Trishit Ray, You may opt the oriental to switch over from United. As the mediclaim portability is allowed now, you may check with oriental for the same. First port your existing policy & then increase your S. A. to 5L Rs. in the same policy.



  4. Trishit Ray says:

    I am afraid United India is using claim rejection as a method for profit.You can follow this link
    as an instance about this news.I don’t know for sure if these are true.But I am skeptical.So I showed an willingness about opting out of the existing insurer.

    What about the online solution that I asked for ? Is there none ?



  5. Dear Trishit Ray, Instead of directly opting the co. please nearby hospitals & nursing homes in your city/area & ask their own experience for cash less mediclaim policies as well as for cash policies. This general feedback ‘ll provide you some guidelines to follow.

    On the basis of this feedback you may opt the insurer of your choice. In general you may go with any PSU insurer be it Oriental or New India or National. As you are already a customer with United India, I assume the pre existing decease term is over for you or ‘ll be over in a year. In this case, you may increase your cover then & there itself.



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