Online prepayment option for home loan in HDFC ltd

POSTED BY Prithysh Nandy ON August 4, 2013 1:41 pm COMMENTS (5)

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  1. Prithysh Nandy says:


    I guess that is not the case. HDFC bank and HDFC Ltd. are completely two different entity. HDFC Ltd. is an NBFC and HDFC Bank is a bank but unfortunately all the home loan for HDFC bank are routed to HDFC Ltd only..
    Hence HDFC Ltd. will not provide you an account number of type as bank account. Here the loan account number is just an customer id kind of thing, not an actual account number.

    But yes, I am also unable to understand fully what Manish tried to explain. It would be appreciable if he can explain a little bit more for our benefit.,

    1. Prem Nambi says:

      Yup, lets wait for manish to throw some light !!!

  2. Dear Prithysh Nandy, no HDFC does not allow direct transfer into your loan account through NEFT or RTGS.



    1. Hi Ashal

      Its possible at branch level actually. There are many cases where local branch where your home loan is have given customers a bank account, where if you make NEFT payments , it gets credited to your home loan account.

      I agree that there is no generic solution like adding loan account to bank account, but this is the solution which works , obivously your branch needs to support you and you need to have the patience to follow up with them 🙂


      1. Prem Nambi says:

        Hi Manish,

        I am looking for the same question and luckily another friend have asked the question. Could you please re-word your previous answer a little, since i am unable to get the full picture of it.

        So what you are saying is that, if i have both savings as well as loan account in same branch, then will they be able to do NEFT transfer?

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